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Boat Lift
Travel lift is a kind of special boat handling equipment, it is also called boat/yacht handling machine, mobile boat hoist, marine boat travel lift etc. Normally, the rated lifting capacity is from 30t to 1200t.
Boat Handling Equipment
Mobile boat hoist crane is widely used for lifting boat on the deck ,in the port or in the boat factory to make the boat ship into or out of the water smoothly by lifting operation.
Boat Hoist Crane
According to requirements of different customers, the Boat Hoist Crane can handle different tons boat or yacht (10T-800T) from the shore side, Boat Hoist Crane can also be used for the maintenance on the shore side or can put the new boat inside the water
All-wheel Steering Travel Lift
​Mobile boat hoist is non-standard customized equipment with self-power, multi-point lifting, full hydraulic transmission, the upper structure is double door frame "U" type connection frame to meet different ship types (such as sailing) lifting operation
Boat Handling Crane
Mobile Boat Hoist is a kind of dedicated hoisting machinery which is used to up and down water work of boat and level transportation, mainly used to ports and sharves along the coast etc.
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